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5 Phyllostachys bissettii in 5 Litre Pots:

Tall bamboo for windbreak solutions, great for screening. Use one Phyllostachys per metre.

Height: 4 to 6 metres

Common Name: David Bisset Bamboo

This hardy and vigorous bamboo was named after David Bisset, a bamboo enthusiast from Savannah, Georgia. It was introduced to the United States from China in 1912, and more recently to Europe. With shiny, dark-green culms and elegant dark-green leaves, it is the first bamboo to shoot in spring while a second spurt may occur into autumn. It establishes quickly and is ideal where a fast-growing, dense, green screen is required, in sun or shade. Mature plants are remarkably wind-resistant if given some shelter while young. We prize this bamboo not just for its vigour and hardiness, but for its luxurious foliage which remains fresh-looking all year round.