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Phyllostachys vivax ‘Huangwenzhu’


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Height: 5 to 7 metres

A tall, fast-growing plant, this green-and-yellow-caned bamboo is still quite a rarity, having been introduced into Europe from China in 1992. The word “Huangwenzhu” means “yellow groove bamboo” in Chinese and perfectly describes the indented yellow stripes on the olive-green culms. The long, mid-green leaves (up to 15 centimetres) hang gently from stiff branches. The thick canes (which can reach a diameter of 5 centimetres) arch slightly when mature, and the whole plant has a very pleasing appearance. ‘Huangwenzhu’ is happy in sun or semi-shade, and has excellent frost-resistance: in China it tolerates temperatures of minus 23 degrees Centigrade. It makes a superb solitary specimen, or an unusual grove or screen.


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