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Fargesia rufa


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Height: 2 to 2.5 metres

This well-behaved, medium-height bamboo is a new introduction from China, and is still very rare in cultivation. It appears to be hardier than most other fargesias – its resistance to Holland’s severe winters is causing great excitement among Dutch nurserymen. In spring and early summer, the new shoots are suavely clothed with wine-tinged culm-sheaths, which drop off to reveal olive-green, polished canes. As they mature, the culms lean gently away from the centre, to give a luxuriant, symmetrical plant-profile. This beautifully balanced outline is filled with numerous branches bearing narrow leaves – darker and sturdier than those of most fargesias. One of our choicest bamboos, it deserves to be grown as an eye-catching, solitary specimen.


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